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Case Studies - Education Facilities

 Adelaide University in Adelaide SA use BioZone in their air handling units to keep them free from mould.

  Peace Of Mind Kindergarten Narangba QLD -had issues with odours in a diaper room, after installing BioZone the odours are gone, they cant believe the difference it has made.

 Nambour Christian College QLD use BioZone to combat odours in classrooms and are extremely happy with the results.

 Spring Street Childrens Centre Orange NSW use BioZone with great results.

Orange Occasional Child Care Orange NSW have also installed BioZone in their business.

 Yarrawong Childrens Centre Orange NSW use BioZone to give their children a cleaner more pleasant environment.

 Courallie Park Child Development Centre Orange NSW have also installed BioZone in their premises.

 St Mary's Primary School Orange NSW have installed BioZone to keep their washrooms free from odours.

 Wombwell High School - South Yorkshire has 900 students and was looking for solutions to control outbreaks as they had a suspected over 35 suspected cases of Swine Flu. They have now installed 11 BioZone units in public areas to minimise cross infection of students and teachers in busy areas.

Some of our other customers that are benefiting from using BioZone are: