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Case Studies - Ice Machines

    "We currently use the IceZone sanitizing system supplied by BioZone on our Sizzler Ice machines. The Icezone's maintain our ice machines in a clean and highly sanitised condition with Biotech testing and inspections proving this. I have been very happy with the support, service and professionalism of dealing with BioZone and are currently looking at other products of theirs".

 "We have installed two units here in Melbourne and have documented bacteria growth for twelve weeks before and after installation. There is a substantial reduction in growth since the unit was installed. A regular cleaning regime is still required for the machine however it will reduce the frequency required. Our customer is happy with the results and is looking at installing further units throughout their facility."

  "We have brought 2 of these IceZone and have had great success with the reduction of slime build up within the machine."
  Subway USA had used every known method of sanitizing an ice machine, and were unsuccessful in reducing costs while maintaining standards, until they discovered IceZone, a true automated, chemical-free cleaning process. Once IceZone was implemented to automate ice machine sanitation, there were immediate, measurable, and significant results             

   Boost Juice Bar Runaway Bay QLD have installed IceZone after seeing the great results, Ice being such a big part of their business they see the importance of clean safe ice.

   Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort QLD have installed our IceZone units onto their Ice Machines to keep their Ice clean 24 hours a day

   Spotless Brisbane Qld have installed BioZone into universities IceMachines to give them clean ice and reduce cleaning time considerably.

     Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort and Spa QLD installed an IceZone on their ice machine to stop a buildup of slime and bacteria and say it has cut down their cleaning time immensely and are very happy with the results.

     Watermark Hotel and Spa on the Gold Coast QLD installed IceZone for their Ice Machine, which has reduced greatly the cleaning time due to BioZone's technology working 24 hours a day.

   Epworth Hospital Melbourne VIC have IceZone installed to cut down cleaning time and keep their ice free from bacteria and slime.

   Nowra Private Hospital NSW  have  IceZone installed to ensure their patients have the cleanest safest ice.

              The Cabrini Hospital  Malvern VIC installed IceZone on their ice machine to provide clean hygienic ice to their patients.

 Hollywood Showgirls & Lounge Bar  Gold Coast QLD have installed BioZone on their busy ice machine to keep it free from bacteria and give their clients clean safe ice.

  The Village Tavern Auburn NSW installed BioZone to give their clients a clean hygienic ice 24 hours a day.

 The Adelphi Hotel in Melbourne VIC installed BioZone to combat slime and grease in their ice machine and give their customers clean hygienic ice.

         BioZone - Subway Case Study                

                               IceZone Case Studies