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Case Studies - Odour Bacteria Mould


  Restorx Services Sydney NSW use BioZone regularly and say how much they "love it"  for their process of restoration for issues such as fire, flood etc.

 Adelaide Cemeteries Authority use BioZone to get rid of odours in their business with great results.

 Pet Care Extraodinaire Orange NSW installed BioZone in their waiting room to combat odours with great results. 

 Hong Kong Airport’s Automated People Mover (monorail) had yeast and mould and odours in their air ducts, BioZone solved issues of bacteria and mould therefore eliminating odours.


  Wakefield Town hall was built in 1848 and due to its age and use, used for Weddings and election meetings, it had previously suffered from bad odours which became impossible to control, after installing 8 BioZone units the customer was delighted with the results.


 Hong Kong  Airport's Automated People Mover Case Study


Some of our other customers that are benefiting from using BioZone are: